Seeking professional help for yourself or a loved one can be a very difficult process without the correct assistance during this part of the journey.

The Better Tomorrow Treatment Center believes that entering a treatment program shouldn’t be as difficult as many other facilities make it. We think you or your loved one’s admission process should be the start of the healing process for all involved to include family of the addicted.

With that, please find listed information on our admission process we feel will help everyone along with getting either you or your loved one into treatment.

Each Stage of the Process is Listed Below.

Your Initial Call

The first step to being admitted to The Better Tomorrow Treatment Center is picking up your phone and making the call. This initial call can be difficult but just relax, call us and lets have the conversation that needs to get you or a loved one started on their journey.

Our number is 1-561-828-4140 or email us if that is more comforting to you at

During the call, we’ll gather information about you, your family, the primary substance abuser, their history, and other pertinent information. We’ll also take your insurance information and make sure you’re covered for treatment.

This comprehensive and free insurance verification is an important part of the process that will help make things a tad easier in the beginning for all involved. We’ll take care of everything pertaining to insurance. We’ll be fighting to make sure you get the most coverage allowed by all applicable and stated laws.

After you make the initial call and your insurance has been verified, the admission process truly begins. We’re talking about getting to The Better Tomorrow Treatment Center.

Getting to treatment can be an overwhelming experience for all involved. If you or your loved one live out-of-state, it’s a complicated series of flights, staying away from temptations and being picked up by one of our drivers.

But again, relax, breathe and know that we will be with you during this process.  We’ll coordinate any flights and stay on the phone with you or your loved one while you’re in the airport.

Once you land in Florida, we’ll have a discreet driver pick you or your loved one up from the airport and no one will know they’re from a treatment center. Then they will take you directly to our clinical offices or facility.

When you arrive at The Better Tomorrow Treatment Center, you’ll start the intake process. This will consist of:

  • Signing all appropriate documents and intake paperwork required by all legal organizations for Rehabilitation Treatment.
  • A noninvasive search of you or your loved one’s person and belongings
  • Getting a copy of our clinical philosophy, client handbook, and other program information
  • A tour of our clinical offices or residential facility -depending on when you get in
  • An introduction to our community and the rules guiding you through treatment

Following the intake process you or your loved one will start our treatment program.

Starting Treatment

The first step in our continuum of care is getting an initial psychiatric assessment. This is done by one of our experienced doctors. Following your assessment, you’ll receive a primary therapist.

You’ll also undergo a complete biopsychosocial during the first few days of treatment. While this sounds intense and sometimes even scary, again, relax and breathe. It’s simply a test that gives our clinical team an idea of the areas to focus on during the course of your treatment.

This psychiatric assessment, paired with the biopsychosocial test will give us a framework to create your individualized treatment plan.

Following you or your loved one’s assessment, you’ll be introduced to The Better Tomorrow Treatment Center community and the environment thereof.

Then your treatment consisting of individual therapy, group therapy, workshops, activities, educational lectures and community living begins.

While this is a lot to deal with all at once, just relax and breathe and understand that others before you have chosen to get treatment and become clean and sober with success. They did it, you can do it and we will be here to help in every way we possibly can to make sure you have all the necessary treatment and tools to get addiction free.

If you have any questions about our admission process, or anything else, give us a call!

Phone: 1 - 561- 828 - 4140