Intensive Outpatient Programs

Intensive Outpatient Programs are meant to be designed to fit the needs of an individual who is stabilized and ready for a program that will help them to be reintroduced into the daily World of living addiction free. Our IOP Program is specifically designed to provide each individual with the tools and skills as well as the support to relearn not simply to be addiction free but to re-calibrate their life so they can live healthily in society again. We have top line professionally educated, trained, and experienced staff that will take into account each individuals requirements that is needed to help them learn how to be addiction free.-Group Therapy meetings 3 or more times per week which focus on numerous topics and skills. These can range from but not limited to some of the topics listed below:

  • Healthy Living
  • Good Nutrition
  • How to be more Mentally Resilient in the Face of Adversity
  • Managing Work Life Balance
  • Spiritual Development
  • Addiction and Treatment Specific Topics
  • Family and Loved Ones
  • As Well As Some Simple Life Subjects

Along with this we also will give a client by client progress report on how they are doing, gender specific care, wellness activities once the individual is settled into a good rhythm of therapy and treatment, drug and alcohol testing, life intervention skills, involvement in the community with the many support related groups and activities with other people who share the same life experiences and many successful outcomes through treatment. While there is more we do and offer, we feel it is best to just pick up the phone and talk to us, its sometimes a lot easier to discuss everything over the phone, because the most important thing we offer is the ability to get CLEAN AND SOBER for those who choose to do so. Remember, sometimes the most help is garnered from the simplest things explained or taught in a different way to different individual people.


Drug and Alcohol Addiction
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Why Choose Us?

We provide a safe and supportive atmosphere to help you recover from addictions. Our therapies are tailored to meet the specific needs of an individual client. The therapy includes personalized sessions, recreational activities, and nutritional guidance to support you through your life-transforming journey.

  • Treatments With Experienced Staff
  • Cutting-Edge Addiction Rehab
  • Personalized Programs
  • Enhance Individual Performance
  • Education and Training on Addiction
  • Distraction Free Recovery