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Below you will find some frequently asked questions and what we hope will be some answers you can use to help you make an informed choice about if and where to go for Addiction Treatment. Or if you want to talk to someone instead please call us today and let us help answer some of your questions or concerns.

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This is a question many people ask themselves when searching. While no one can truly know the answer to this other than the individual who needs treatment, the fact that you are here and reading this means either you or someone you know may need to get help. It never hurts to pick up the phone and call to discuss any questions you have or email us. We are here to try and help to the best of our abilities. EMAIL US TODAY or CALL TODAY 1-561-828-4140
This depends on what is going on in your life currently, however, getting the help you or a loved one needs must be a priority so the first step when you are ready is to reach out and let’s see if we can guide you to getting into treatment and properly situated. CALL TODAY 1-561-828-4140
Group Therapy
  • Individual Therapy with a Skilled and Trained Therapist.
  • Private or Public Organizational Support Depending on your needs.
  • OP – This is sometimes group and sometimes individual therapy done one to two days a week.
  • IOP – This is includes group and individual therapy done three to five days a week.

Note: While this is a list of some of the Treatments offered it is not a complete list and to see what our facility offers or what type of Treatment you or a loved one needs or may qualify for please contact us CALL TODAY 1-561-828-4140

Some Treatment Centers believe that if possible it is important to have family involved to the extent that it helps the process of addiction treatment for any involved. Cell Phones, Laptops, Video Game or other similar type possessions may be brought with you to Treatment, however, these will be used when not attending or going through any of the assigned sessions or other necessary programs that you or your loved one will be attending or utilizing.

If you have access to personal money we suggest you limit to necessary cash and a credit or debit card so as to prevent any accidental loss on your way to the Center.

Attire that you bring should consist of casual and comfortable clothes such as T-Shirts, Yoga Pants, Shorts, Swim Clothes, Gym Clothes, Jeans, Casual Pants and other type attire. You should also bring a Tooth Brush, Deodorant, Shampoo, any Female oriented necessities and such if applicable.

Have you ever tried to contact your loved one in treatment, or to get some information about their progress, and ended up hearing some variation of the phrase “I can neither confirm nor deny that person is here?”. If so, you’ve already experienced the impact of HIPAA.
HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (of 1996). It’s a piece of legislation that provides privacy and security for patient medical information.What that means for the non-lawyers among us is that your loved one needs to sign certain releases of information before any clinicians, doctors, or recovery professionals can talk to you about them. It’s an often annoying part of the treatment experience, but it really does protect both you and your loved one’s medical records.

During the First week to maybe week two there won’t be any visitation and when visitation is allowed it must be approved by the patients Therapist and any other principal personal required.

With so many treatment centers around the country this is a very valid and important question. While we know our program is one that works the fact is choosing us is a simple choice because we have what is the only reason you or anyone should choose to go to treatment, which is the ability to aid and help you move forward to becoming healthy again if you choose to do so. Our staff has the experience and know how to give you the proper treatment and program along with the tools necessary to move towards becoming addiction free as long as you take advantage of it. All the reasons boil down to that simple fact, you choose to go to treatment to get clean and The Better Tomorrow Treatment Center provides the opportunity for you to take advantage of so that you could have a better tomorrow.

This is a decision that in the end is one you along with your family need to make. Our dedicated staff will assist you with creating a discharge plan that works for you. Once you successfully complete our program, you will be part of the Better Tomorrow Treatment Center alumni family. Our alumni coordinator will follow up with you throughout your continued journey.

Relapsing CAN occur as addiction is a disease which wears on you and sometimes no matter how much initial help one receives a relapse can and will occur for a certain percentage of the population. But look, while many will see this as a major negative it is not uncommon and it is important to remember that you can choose to be CLEAN AND SOBER and if you relapse, you just need to pick yourself up and get back in the treatment and push through. It is important to comprehend though that no one at Better Tomorrow Treatment Center wants to see a relapse as in some circumstances it can be fatal, as can using drugs in general, but we will be here to get you to whatever level of care you need wherever that may be so as to give you the ability to choose to be clean. We want you to succeed in everything you do!

Just pick up the phone and call us and lets see if we can help. We have different payment plans that may work, while it is not cheap to run a good treatment center, the point isn’t to only help the rich. We also accept many different insurances that may cover your treatment at little to no cost! CALL TODAY 1-561-828-4140.

While the Affordable Care Act mandated substance abuse and mental health coverage and parity, it isn’t a guarantee that your insurance will cover the entire cost of treatment. Insurance may cover some of the cost, it may cover all, or it may not cover anything. The only sure way to know for certain is to verify the scope of your coverage. We will be more than happy to offer free insurance consultation and verification . Just call us and we will take care of the rest.